Nether overworld

Complexity: simple
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Nether overworld

An area in the Nether that should be as close to the overworld as possible in terms of design.
Because of the water and grass, this idea doesn't translate well into survival mode.


Water can only be placed in creative mode. Also, you only get grass when another grass block is adjacent.
When building, you should make sure that you build wooden objects with enough distance to lava, otherwise they will catch fire. Also, you should not sleep in a bed, because it explodes when used.


  1. Addition: Water can be placed in survival mode, just not in the Nether. Grass you can get in survival mode by enchanting a tool with caution, but since it is very hard to get a book (build a magic table, then get the enchantment) with caution, and then enchant a tool in the anvil it is not suitable for survival mode :) --> The idea in the Nether to build an overworld that Under Lava, is awesome:D Like

  2. the bed I did not know at the beginning of minecraft and then I had built a nice house in the nether with a bed and I waited when it was night then I did not care I lay down in the bed and boom