Warehouse on the waterfront

Complexity: simple
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Warehouse on the waterfront

This is a warehouse that sits on stilts in the water, making it a space-saving design.

The warehouse has two properties:
1. it can store things
2. it is easily accessible for ships which speeds up the loading process
There is a wide free space in the middle where you can, for example, transport pallets to higher floors with a winch. Small please can even dock under the warehouse. The chests on the second floor make the warehouse also practical, although it should have mainly decorative use. It fits well in a small harbour.


Before anyone asks why this building is bad to build in survival mode:
For the supports that carry the warehouse you have to dive very much and deep. Also, without night vision, it's almost impossible to see anything down there. You can also make the stilts only about five blocks deep, but I don't like to do that.

Again, I'm always open to suggestions for improvement that you guys can think of....


  1. @Racoon I would not put trap doors there (because of FALL(tür) that makes the whole unrealistic because who would run because on trap doors. Rather put the outer wooden barricade a radius closer to the building.

  2. Tip for working underwater: Always have a torch ready and place it on a two high wall, in the short moment before the torch goes off you can catch your breath.
    I copied it from SparkofPhonix.