Water vaporizers (Star Wars)

Complexity: simple
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Water vaporizers (Star Wars)

Water vaporizers are (in the film) devices that collect water from the air.

Water vaporizers have no practical use in Minecraft, so they are just a decoration. They are suitable for building a map of the planet Tatooine from Star Wars.


The setup is pretty simple: you build four birch fences 3-4 blocks high. The middle can vary, my standard version is a wall, an iron block and a funnel. For the top you build a wall, a birch fence and 1-2 iron bars.  


  1. It is wirglich been a great idea about it fieleicht minecraft and star wars libhaber like me are happy about it I erde them bestimt build.😁

    Just one question: could you also energiekraftwecke and matching heuser (from star wars (so I mean the heuser from the desert where z.b. skeiworker aufgeagsen is)) Bauen the wechre libe I would be hugely happy about it thanks.😄