Wheat field and wet meadow

Complexity: simple
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Wheat field and wet meadow

The natural transition of a wheat field to a wet meadow in the floodplain area with great attention to detail.

Wheatfields are often a defining element in many Minecraft worlds, whether as a usable farm, environment for a mill or farm, or simply as an eye-catcher in the distance. But not all wheat fields should be the same! A shape of the border area adapted to the environment makes your world look more natural, more beautiful and altogether more atmospheric with a few simple steps and cheap raw materials!

Thus also very well suited for the survival mode:


I can't offer a "block by block" instruction here, much more I just want to inspire in which way you can design landscapes and develop your own ideas.

As an example, however, I am very happy to list the details and decorations I have used here:

- Plants: Wheat, tall grass, very tall grass (fits especially directly next to wheat and near water), sugar cane, melons (as "fresh green), vines, some flowers (not too colorful), tropical trees (some supplemented foliage towards "weeping willow") near the river, foliage as bushes (hiding light sources is well possible here).

- Soil: grass, damp arable soil, coarse earth, gravel, sand, water, mossy quarry stone, leaves, podsol

- Other: straw bales, fallen tree trunks (deadwood), single fence posts, low quarry stone walls (strongly weathered and decayed by different variations)

Small changes to the simple tropical tree

Detailed subsurface design

The further away from the field, the fewer wheat plants

Day/night change with hidden jack-o'-lantern lighting
Minecraft medieval survival gameplay combining functionality, looks, style and context! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dnupwo_-Lpe47d2TdXObJeAsnPNZjRh


  1. Neutral, because I find it very beautiful, but I personally find there are too many different things distributed (wheat, hay bales, sugar cane, etc...)

  2. @Miner: thank you, glad to read! vl is also the one or other details as inspiration for you...! 🙂
    @ELWORRIER: no problem, tastes are different 😉 true that it is quite versatile, went along with the effort to make it as realistic and atmospheric as possible.
    @Matthi94: mhne, such a map has not been known to me, am not pvp'ler 😉 but then it can not be so wrong 🙂