Witch house: potions and sundries

Complexity: simple
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Witch house: potions and sundries

A place to brew and store special things

The building was originally supposed to be a witch's house, so I built it at the entrance of a natural cave in the mountain and also kept the somewhat gloomy atmosphere.

Inside are many ingredients needed for brewing:

  • There are boxes hanging from the ceiling with various bridal ingredients and other items
  • You can grow your own Netherwarts
  • Of course also brewing stands and boilers with water


For a somewhat gloomy atmosphere, vines hang from the ceiling, lighting comes from barred jack-o'-lanterns, bookshelves with a dead bush, mossy stone bricks, and embedded in the floor a pit with an indefinable slimy liquid (4 blocks of slime :)).

Of course also a Boiler furnace is not missing. If you press the button, two cracked stone bricks move backwards and a secret passage opens.

In the boxes I have, apart from the brewing equipment, a lot of odds and ends that accumulate in the course of a Minecraft life and that you rarely need, such as rotten meat.


An important note about the tendrils: if you don't want your whole house to be full of uncontrollably growing tendrils after a while, you should build wooden stairs around the block the tendril is attached to (also diagonally) instead of normal wooden blocks, because tendrils can't grow on stairs (as well as on all other unsound blocks)