Lumberjack hut with sawmill and log pile

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Lumberjack hut with sawmill and log pile"/>

Lumberjack hut with sawmill and log pile

Lumberjack cabin with a sawmill and log stack.

A large logging hut, next to it is a sawmill to saw the whole log pile. There is also a small stream and a water wheel at the sawmill. In front of the lumberjack's hut is a wagon to transport the processed wood.


  1. Texturepack and shader I will not take out. It's about the idea and if you can't see it, thanks to the shader and / or the texture pack, then you should urgently visit an optician. 

  2. @adrikum Did not even know that in the main image is a texture pack? Because it is not! And it is NOT in the rules that you are not allowed to use a shader! Who can read, is clearly at an advantage!

  3. @Reaper911211 @Patrick1234 @adrikum @Areuawizard:
    You can't use a texture pack in the main image, but you can use shaders. With the images in the description you can do almost everything. So according to that everything is right with this submission.
    But since apparently many are against shaders in the main image, maybe I should introduce such a rule.

  4. The point of this site is to present his building ideas. I think it's best if this is done uniformly and without such incidents. That's why I would leave texturepacks and shaders out of the images completely.

    Incidentally, I find it quite funny - and I may be wrong about this - that many people noticed it with the texture pack. Suddenly it is no longer so...

    And I'm not going to an optometrist because of you. I'm neither blind nor stupid.

    Ultimately, you want your ideas to be well received. You don't do much about it...

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  5. @adrikum If you think an idea is bad because of the pictures you don't like, then you are very much stupid.
    Even the administrator wrote in here, so get over yourself. Just because a building now casts a few shadows doesn't make it different.