Apartment block - large

Complexity: simple
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Apartment block - large

A large apartment block which houses 9 flats, a lounge and a restaurant on the lowest floor. (Version 1.12.2)

Comfort and modernity due to white interior trim

At first glance, the apartment block may seem rustic and old-fashioned. But this is not the case. The interior walls of the house are built with white concrete, which gives the drab and slab-like looking apartment block a certain iinner beauty lends.

Tip: In my case, the apartment block was attached to another house. So one side is closed and without windows. Recommend you to do the same!



  1. Create the outline and do not forget the decorative pillars!
  2. Fill the foundation and raise walls with polished granite. (One floor has a height of 4 blocks).
  3. Integrate piers well (use carved stone bricks as decoration and connect piers with stone steps)
  4. Insert window.
  5. Pull interior walls.
  6. Work out rooms and insert doors immediately if necessary.
  7. Ensure illumination. (No room for redstone, i.e. flares or end sticks).
  8. Pull the round staircase upwards. (see picture 5)
  9. Finish roof with gray wool and brick.
  10. Glad to see a block of flats has been built.