Houses building ideas

Houses building ideas

Mountain Bunker RedMo Version 1

Mountain Bunker RedMo Version 1

Horse stable to the associated riding arena :)

Here for you, a medium sized horse stable, matching the indoor arena, the riding arena and the paddock :)  

Beautiful indoor riding arena with small stable :)

Here I have, matching the riding arena, the indoor riding arena :)

Riding arena version 2.0

A slightly larger riding arena, with adjacent paddock and stable :)

Simple station

Here I have built a simple station in version 1.15.2. Very simple built and not complicated.

Medieval/Fantasy House

  Built in FTB, however all blocks are vanilla except for the trees in the garden and the golden lanterns.

Minecraft Grim Reaper?

Hey, guys, this is my Grim Reaper build :D hope you like it :) All in survival mode.

Fire station

Here you can see a fire station. It was built on the console. I would be happy about your feedback ;) LG The_Boy