Lever without sense

A lever that serves no purpose.

Neon tube clock simple, lag free and cheap

This clock works with one observer, 7 amplifiers and a bit of redstone dust.  

Small Clock

This is a small + fast Clock.

Industry standard lantern

A universal lantern system for industry

365/366 days calendar v1

Hello and Happy Easter, I made up a calendar that counts 365/366 days, so every 4 years 366 days, you can also choose certain days like holidays, birthdays whatever for days, adjust so that an event is triggered automatically. New Year's Eve is already fixed with fireworks.

Build secret door without mod

With this secret door, you can easily secure your house even if you have few resources and no mod. All you need is: 2 adhesive pistons A few times redstone 1 lever or switch

Fast, Narrow, Upwards DoublePistonExtender

Faster and narrower version of the well-known DoublePistonExtender.  

Fully automatic warehouse

Fully automated warehouse (for community servers)