Little knight's castle

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Little knight's castle"/>

Little knight's castle

A small knight's castle with a lookout on the enemy knights.


  1. I guess you haven't been playing MC for very long, so this page is for uploading ideas that present something new or that I think to myself "Hey, I'd like to build that into my world myself!" and of course it's true that a lot of this is just a suggestion with a lot of room for your own interpretations, but it should be at least a little visually appealing.
    Now but your perhaps only my own opinion, but the automatically generated houses of the NPC villages are built more beautiful and detailed. Must also @DasSchaf2.0 join, unfortunately only a block, offers no protection against spiders and only moderate against players, where I would be very interested here, how you actually get in there, because I see neither button nor lever, which would make the whole again unsafe against other players.
    Just check out some other ideas on this site (if you search under "castle" you'll find some nice stuff) and take some ideas from that for your new project, if there is one.