Level crossing

Complexity: simple
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Level crossing

When a lorry approaches, pistons simulating barriers with red and white wool block the way.

A redstone circuit under the sensor rails activates the pistons. This causes the wool blocks to move up one block.


  1. Have put redstone lines under all the sensor shines. These then lead to the pistons. But of course you could also build a simple version, with only the two sensor rails in the middle, but then only the two wool blocks go up, next to which the lorry stands. In my version, all blocks are standing from the first to the last sensor rail.

  2. The delay is sufficient, but an amplifier is needed on each side to bring the signal to the other side (at least in my circuit...).
    Here's the circuit:

  3. There is a better version, de with a toggle circuit works and where pistons push fences from the sides. So still no one can cross, which is not the case with the wool. A picture will follow as soon as possible.

  4. It would be much better if there was also a warning light and a notepad as a warning sound.
    Idea: 8P/10P
    Structure: 5P/10P
    Theme adjustment 8P/10P
    Total 21P/30P: Neutral