Cable car

Complexity: simple
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Cable car

A typical cable car, built to offer winter sports enthusiasts a fast way to get around. The cabins have two seats and one standing room, and there is also an emergency exit for emergencies!

So that the operation can also take place at night, lamps illuminate the masts. These are controlled by switches located in the small house at the bottom station.


In principle, it is up to you how you build the valley station, you can also get help from pictures on the Internet. The ropes on which the gondolas hang are normal iron grids, make sure you place them so that it looks real!
The poles are made of solid iron blocks, so they can withstand the odd Minecraft snowstorm.
If you build the cableway in higher areas with precipitation, in the form of snow, it is recommended to put half blocks ( steps ) on the masts, so that no snow remains there and ruins the view ( unless you like the view, that is entirely up to you ).

Have fun building it!


  1. Since I chose a rather small mountain in the first place, I unfortunately couldn't build the masts higher, that would have made the sight look only half as nice :).

    But in principle you are right @SkyPilot747, thanks for rating and commenting!

  2. You got that right @superminer. I heard that there is an idea for a car. If you put it in the cable car system, you could build a moving cable car if the ropes are not made of iron bars.