Connecting corridor between houses

Complexity: simple
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Connecting corridor between houses

A small passage to connect two houses. The advantage of this is that, even if the area for an house is limited, can create a large monster-proof room.

It can happen again and again, you build a road network and it results in a small spot on which there is just nothing. And the small area doesn't allow you to build any big house on it. With this simple passage, you can use a small house you build on that spot as a "storage room" for another house and when you go to that house, you are safe from monsters. Or even just as a double house this is very nice.

The following extras can still be used for decoration:

- A road or small field under the passage

- Supporting pillars or cross beams

- A gate made of fences as seen below (for a medieval look)

- Several connecting elements between several houses can thus form a system of houses and create large
Unite residential complexes with each other.

This simple idea can actually be used a lot and is good for urban areas.


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