Corner fireplace

Complexity: simple
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Corner fireplace

A small fireplace that looks great in the corner of a living room.

This fireplace has stone steps at the bottom and top. In the corner is a Netherstein, which is lit. On the stone steps are glass panes. There is half a block of space between the glass and the top stone steps so that you can turn the fireplace on and off. In this corner of the room it is advisable to use a fireproof material, for example rubble stones, as a wall, otherwise the house will start to burn.

This is what the fireplace looks like when it's off:


  1. [quote= Patrick1234]or you just change the gamerule so that fire doesn't spread ;)[/quote]
    Here is the extremely useful and at the same time simple command: /gamerule doFireTick true/false. True (de. as much as positive or Correct) as the fire spreads, false (de. as much as negative or Incorrect), if this not is desired!