Village Hall Trap

Complexity: simple
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Village Hall Trap

Very good for trolling other players in multiplayer. When entering the pressure plate opens not only the fence gate, but also the floor below.

On the picture you can see a small house which is built from the materials you can find in NPC villages. Only it is not just any house! It is a player trap. The pressure plate in front of it only opens the fence gate. At least that's what everyone else who doesn't know this trap thinks. The pressure plate triggers a redstone mechanism,- that retracts a piston. -


It doesn't matter if you build a big or a small house for this trap... but it is important that the entrance 1. has a fence gate as a "door" and 2. is only 1 block wide.


  1. @picasso22 for it one does not need the emptiness a fall from 23m block height does it also
    @Mc-Gamer with this complicated stuff...well
    Put the whole thing in a desert biome with a desert village, put TNT first, sand/gravel on top and then a pressure plate.

    Old cheese at that...except in your complex version.

  2. All that's missing is
    "cave house trap"
    "Nether House Trap"
    "House House Trap"
    "Water House Trap"
    "Cave Trap"

    and many more .......

    Erklärr ma pls how to get the Bedrock down in the SURVIVAl like in your example WITHOUT bug using =)
    Then there's the fact that the last 30000 traps were built on the same chema.....
    in addition also still what I can save me in such a trap which is only related to fall still simply by logging out in time =)
    And on top of that such houses are ugly.

    and I automatically remove all pressure plates in front of me out of reflex.