Dressing Room

Complexity: simple
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Dressing Room

If you press the button and then quickly stand in front of the dispensers, your armor will be put on.

As stated above, you can have the armor automatically put on when you want to go monster hunting.

You fill each dispenser with a piece of armor, and once you've pressed the button, you have to quickly stand directly in front of the dispensers (otherwise the doors will get in the way of you pressing the button).

The doors were attached by the way from the side of the dispensers, because they look better in my opinion. You can handle this of course as you want.


The circuit is very simple, the screenshots say it all really.


On the back of the block with the button comes a redstone flare to invert the signal.
This is then sent behind the dispensers to be spewed through the amps into two blocks, which in turn have two redstone flares on them to invert the signal again and power the dispensers when you press the button:


You must not route the button signal directly through the amplifiers into the dispensers, as it can then happen that one or more dispensers do not drop a piece of armor. You must redirect the signal via the redstone flares!


  1. I have taken up this great idea and modified it a bit.
    So in my version, you get all the armor pieces thrown at your head right as you cross the pressure plate 🙂
    With some cladding all around it will look like this: