Experience Level Shower

Complexity: simple
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Experience Level Shower

You stand in the shower and get XP.

In collaboration with my friend erdna we built this shower.


You simply build a shower and a pressure plate in front of it. Under the pressure plate is a command block (/give yourname command_block), in which you can enter the command /xp 5l @p
xp any number!!!


  1. If you have to use command blocks anyway, you could certainly make the awarding of points nicer somehow. E.g. that the points then really fall down on you from above. Unfortunately I can't test it at the moment.

  2. I don't know if you can throw experience level flasks via command block, otherwise you could do that with it. Or whether you can spawn the pellets with /summon.

  3. It's a pressure plate on a command block. Such a thing is allowed through as an idea? Then now come the next 20 "ideas" with other commands or what? So please. And really pretty that is not. There's even a hole in the bottom that doesn't need to be there because the pressure plate would keep the water out.

  4. @picasso22: This is but as I find a funny idea and a thousand times better than if you had only a command block with nem button on it. More command block showers, of course, I would not unlock.

  5. I find yes it would be better if above a dispenser erfahrungsfläschchen against so nen quartz block above the shower shoots, then would really experience ball fall down and you would have a real erfahrungsdusche

  6. @xxluke and @thebigsmileXD - When you spawn orbs with {/summon ~ ~ XPOrb}, they are included in the game code and do not count. You can pick up as many of them as you want, but you won't get a single dash of XP. Do it with {/summon ~ ~ ThrownExpBottle}; that will count.

    @jakmat02 - You can't have tried it from above with a dispenser, or you would have noticed that all you need is some redstone to make the bottles rain. Either that, or you've only been playing Minecraft for a week and have so little basic MC knowledge (1x1x1 meters is a block!) that you can't know; both OK, but then at least ask someone who knows, or look in the Forum and change it with a disp.