Farm Automat

Complexity: simple
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Farm Automat

A semi-automatic farm for carrots, potatoes or cereals that automatically grows the plant with bone meal and then harvests it.

The farm works thanks to the BUD Switch!

    That's when an extended piston behind or next to it is a block update, then it briefly backs up and forwards again!
    However, I have not figured out
    why the piston is extended!

    You will need:
    2 Sticky pistons
    1 water bucket
    1 block earth
    at least 4Redstone flares
    Some Redstone (15-20)
    A few blocks (earth, stone, etc.)
    3 dispenser
    much bone meal
    A hoe
    and of course carrots and so on


  • You need to dig a hole, like this:
  • Then you take a klebrg. Kolben and a Redstonefackelbaut and rebuilds that in the picture.
  • Then you take some soil and water and rebuild that too
  • Then you put a sticky plunger over the water, which looks backwards, (away from the tilled soil).
    and then bepowers this one with a Redstone flare!
    Behind the piston comes a block, (just any block! It just shouldn't be a Redstone block!).
    Who is bepowert from below Widerum!
  • Then you take a redline that goes to the left and... JUST to the block, because otherwise he does not bepowert him!!!
  • Then you take 3 dispensers and place them around the farmland you want to cultivate.
    and then fills them with bone meal (eng.bonemeal)
  • Then you put (with sneak or sneak) Redstone on the donors and put where you have the Redstone in the block pointing, a Redstone flare, which should then go out then you connect the Redstone above the donors so that it connects with that of the flare (still off)! Now you can the torch naben the piston (the one above the water, close the one under the ground )
    knock away! Now the piston should be extended!!!
  • Now run a Redstone cable down to the left of the flare and set 2 repeaters to four ticks.
    very important is the block to cut off the signal (marked red)!
  • And now you run the signal under the Redstone flare under the flask underground!

Now your farm is ready
Now, if you put either a potato, a potato roti, or a seed,
make it grow with bone meal, and be harvested automatically

P.S should I write a tutorial for more complex things?
Write it in the comments
Do we break 20 likes?

Here the whole instruction after one time explained (I have turned myself!)

Until the next idea,


  1. Yes thanks but also something like this to think about,upload screenshots and write the idea takes some time!
    But I've got something else planned!
    A 100% automatic and efficient farm (3/4 stacks per h)