Fireworks Machine

Complexity: simple
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Fireworks Machine

Here is a particularly fast launcher that fires fireworks rockets in this case.

This machine is based on a very fast Redstoneclock. But you can also build it in survival mode. Where you can also omit or change the wall. You can also change the number of launchers.

Here is an example of how to build it in survival mode:

Here I have reduced the number of redstone comparators to save quartz.

You can also use the pistons as a weapon if you build the whole thing upright and use items like arrows.

Here you can see the whole thing from the front:


The lever (marked with the earth block) serves as an on/off switch for the machine and disconnects the clock from the launchers when activated.


  1. Very nice idea. I uss but say that it is even nicer to look at if the fireworks are not fired regularly with a clock, but still a random generator is switched in between.