Giant Christmas tree

Complexity: simple
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Giant Christmas tree

Large oversized Christmas tree. Visible from afar.

A large Christmas tree that can be seen from far away. Especially beautiful at night, as the candles are made of 2-3 meter high quartz, with a glowstone attached. (If you want you can use a fence post as a wick).
The Christmas "balls" are made of simple red colored clay. But of course you can also dye them differently.
You can build the tree as high as you want. The little tree in the picture is basically a recycled oak. Or rather, a lot of oak trees. It has a height of over 50 meters. 
The trunk has an edge length of 5 meters at the bottom. The corners are free. Schematic:
O O X=free
O O=stem 

The foliage is from the already mentioned oaks. If someone wants to tinker with this, it makes sense if an oak farm already exists to farm the necessary foliage. 

If you build the tree on a bigger hill and it is high enough, it will be partially covered by snow. => because from a certain height only snow falls. 
Whether you find that good or not you have to know yourself. 

Have fun rebuilding it. 

Ps. I built it in survival mode.