Bell tower

Complexity: simple
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Bell tower

This is a beautiful bell tower in medieval style.

Used are quarry stone (half, stairs and whole stones), wool (yellow, blue), wood (logs and planks), nether bricks, glowstone, brick (stairs and whole stones).


  1. Zombie joah.

    Is there vllt still a view of the "bell area" ?

    The building is okay.
    Personally, I don't find the roof all that exciting.
    Neutral until more pictures come

    Thought first that is failed Mage Tower =D

  2. @Zombie Is it possible we might be friends and want to support each other?

    @Reaper Yeah I'll be happy to take another pic of the bell....and I couldn't think of anything better to do with the roof, feel free to improve it. XD

  3. The bell of gold would look more realistic than the wool and has son "special" flair and then on a fence / stone wall koennte one with SIlber still attach this "mallet" ^^

    I like it though =)

  4. There's something teeny tiny about it that I don't like...I don't know what though 😀
    Was planning to do that at the moment too. You could also play the /playsound -sound with a daylight sensor and some redstone, and imitate a "chime" with it ;D