Farm building idea

Farm building idea

Rustic animal stable

This easy to build animal shed can be made from any type of wood. It looks good, yet not too fancy. It would go well with a wooden farmhouse.

Fully automatic warehouse

Fully automated warehouse (for community servers)

Cosy mountain hut

Building ideas for taking full advantage of a beautiful mountain

Simple sugar cane farm

A simple sugar cane farm that can be expanded at will. It works with the observer blocks.

Aqueduct and wheat fields

The construction of the aqueduct and the laying out of the wheat fields is quite simple. Chronologically, the construction is to be sorted into the Middle Ages. The aqueduct serves to irrigate the agricultural district. It is called Goldaue.

Semi-detached house

1 house and 2 apartments. In the entrance area there is a ladder that leads to the 2nd floor, there is the 2nd apartment.  

Conveyor belt/outlet

Realistic short distance transport of items - allows different uses depending on the design (e.g. assembly line, conveyor belt or drainage channel).

Semi-automatic wool farm

The wool is sheared manually while driving past the sheep in a trolley. The wool is then automatically fed through channels into a chest.