Golem Wall

Complexity: simple
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Golem Wall

A wall at least 2 blocks wide, filled with snow golems, iron golems or dogs that attack as soon as someone destroys the wall.

It is better if you thicken the outer wall to 3-4. In the cavity are snow golems,iron golems or dogs.
If the wall is destroyed, the golems and/or the dogs run out and fight the monsters or players (for iron golems, the inner space must be 4 or more blocks wide).


  1. Very good idea, you could even expand it so that the "defense" is ready at the push of a button when a battle for a city (PvP) or a monster attack starts.
    Super as a city wall and protection in one!

  2. how would it be to create a 128*128 map, where you can start a PvP in MC servers, which is
    - sends a player after death back to the team spawn, so he can continue to play and is not thrown out after death. And then just different maps, so a castle for example or an oriental city or a map like in World of Tanks? That would be really cool!