Residential tower

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Residential tower"/>

Residential tower

Large apartment block




  1. Of course I have other much nicer buildings but I try to build my city not like a wonderland but close to reality and that includes such apartment blocks.

  2. The colorful buildings aren't ugly, but they aren't exactly pretty either. A Viking house or a Victorian cottage would also be realistic, if it looks accordingly.

  3. My city actually has an old city core. I'm here since yesterday in the forum and just did not have so much time to upload everything I've built. This was the first building I uploaded to test the times and I do not demand that all find great XD 

  4. I don't like modern buildings in Minecraft much either. Nevertheless, I've liked every one of your ideas so far, because I think you got the best out of it. 
    But I'm interested in your historic town center now, too.