Ice Bar

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Ice Bar"/>

Ice Bar

A simple bar made of snow and ice.

Here very you an idea for a "ice bar" that you can build in Schnnee Biome ^^

you need eig only ice and snow and be ider lighting you should pay attention to the distance to the ice or you take pack ice =)

You remove snow with shovels =)

sry that on a picture the hand is on it but I have noticed it on some screens too late and have this world no longer.

it's in the creative area because it's not soooo easy to get EIS (used enchantment cautiousness) at the beginning without an enchantment table =)




  1. @Jackmat02 If you were to read. . . you would also notice that I wrote I'm sorry that the hand and co are on the one picture because I noticed it myself too late and no longer have the world 😉

    But you can like to edit the image with FS ndie hand and co erase away udn everything that is there eig in the background redraw =)