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Built from snow and ice.

Sorry about the night I no longer have the world in can not help it.

just shovel a little snow and then build everything together to an igloo ^^ the ICE serves as a window so I advise NOT to take pack ice because it is not s odurchlaessig.



The door mechanism requires 4 pistons of redstone flares and some redstone.

On request I will rebuild the igloo door system and post here so you know it too =)


  1. thebigsmile I tried to stick to an original igloo and there are actually not 30 meters to the ceiling ^^ have already built extra vagant because I have built a floor in it 😀

    jackmat02 I used wood because that is bright and you need so little light. Obsidian or so attract the dark ^^ so it would not be so nice because you need too many light sources =)

  2. I think the idea is pretty sweet,but inside it doesn't look that sparkling anymore.Well,I understand why you used wood,but it doesn't really fit 🙂