Royal carriage

Complexity: simple
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Royal carriage

A royal horse-drawn carriage with room for three people and luggage.

from the inside:

- -

from behind:


By special request: from diagonally up front by day


  1. It is only a small part (2 blocks wide) that "drags across the floor". This was not possible otherwise, if the king is not to jump to get into the carriage.

    As always, I am open to alternative suggestions.

  2. @Mis7erSeven

    this is a hydraulic (sorry if wrong) carriage this automatically adjusts as far as this goes 😉 since this is the standstill, the carriage is lowered so you can get in/out easier:)

    @InteriorETC you could put the carriage 1 block higher and use a "step" as a boarding aid which the coachman would put down each time

    the step would then be 1 step or if you make it 2 high 1 block and 1 step before =)