Running lights

Complexity: simple
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Running lights

A series of Redstone lamps are switched on and off in sequence.

In the row of lamps, the blocks are switched on one after the other from one side. This means that some lamps are switched on next to each other before they go out again by themselves shortly afterwards. Depending on the length, this creates a running light or even an up and down light bar. This can be used to create a folk festival atmosphere as decoration or to mark something.


Behind a row of Redstone lamps sensor rails are laid. At the ends comes a curve of normal rails, for the way back some drive rails should be laid and switched on. Then you put a minechart on the rails and nudge it in the desired direction.
The setup can of course still be adapted and expanded. You could e.g. create colored light with colored glass or control the Minechart. Unfortunately, the row can not be extended arbitrarily because the sensor rails brake very strongly.