Beacon control

Complexity: simple
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Beacon control

A mechanism with which you can control or turn on/off beacons.

A beacon control with which you can somehow beautify the spawn area at servers.
Of course you can also use it for decorative purposes.


Build that wall:
Now add diamond or iron blocks:
(Sorry for the snow but it had snowed during the construction).
Now add a beacon every 2nd block.
These beacons will now activate. Build behind the beacons a
sticky plunger with a block of your choice on it.
Add a Redstone lamp behind the bulb.
Behind these lamps still attach levers,
repair the wall and maybe info signs
add to it and it's done:
Pull the lever and when...
  • If the lamp is on, the beacon is on.
  • When the lamp is out, the beacon is out too.

That's what it looks like:


  1. The idea is good. couldn't you theoretically connect it to a light sensor and use it as a "lighthouse" to find your way home?(colors can be used to mark certain areas) so combined with karl31a's idea ^^.

  2. You could use it in a town and the different settings at the beacon have different meanings. For example, that everyone should come to the city, that there is a meeting or whatever.

  3. I still had the idea to build a beacon with redstone amplifiers and a mountain of redstone, that it blinks SOS, so on, off, three times shorter, three times longer, three times shorter, but my redstone skills are not enough :(^^.

  4. And for something like that you need a control panel? Well, I always solve it with a lever on the piston.
    Effective for multiple beacons otherwise not efficient. The redstone lights as a light for on-state is quite nice. Well neutral.