Medieval market place

Complexity: simple
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Medieval market place

After seeing the marketplace in the main idea at you created a variation with a few ideas of my own.


The pictures should be enough for that:

The butcher's stall (with Redstone as "blood effect" on the battle block)

The greengrocer (with growing vegetables in the stand)

A weapon shop (here I still lack an idea, what I can use as decoration - currently only picture frames used)

The armourer (with exhibits on armour stands)

A dealer in melons and pumpkins


  1. Hello ^^,

    a very nice market in itself. But there is still room for improvement.
    First, the market stalls are all in a row, which was certainly not so common in the past, because everyone has chosen a place where he can best sell his goods. Then you could build different market stalls, e.g. a tent, a flying merchant with his wagon only, a big cattle market, etc.

    Just keep trying ^^
    Mfg Chrissel