Medieval village

Complexity: simple
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Medieval village

A good change from the small and always the same villa villages.

The village also has a travelling merchant.

A small field .

And a fisherman.



-A vanilla Minecraft village
-(If available Worldedit)

You now draw a wall of stones around the village and build a palisade on top of it.

Worldedit commands:
/Brush sphere stone 2

Now, if you use a little imagination, you can make the normal houses...
into beautiful buildings.


  1. For the six-sided wood, you can take /replace log log:12.
    The whole thing can be done in minecraft 1.8 certainly also with the new commands quite quickly,
    although I'm not that familiar with it.

  2. I just think that if you have to work with commands to build it like this, then it's actually creative mode and not survival, but anyway, it looks pretty good.

  3. Everything looks so beautifully messy and so much more natural because of it!
    Although personally, I probably would have replaced the foliage on the houses with vines.

  4. First of all, this site is not meant to be taken down 1:1 but as I said to give ideas and I don't know what you mean by "there's not much to see".