Mini game Enderball 1vs1

Complexity: simple
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Mini game Enderball 1vs1

In Enderball, two players play against each other. The goal is to score more goals than the opponent.

I'm sure some people here already know the game.

Played only in Survival mode with Ender Beads. If you throw them, you will be teleported to the place where the ender pearl appears. Of course, you can determine/modify the rules yourself:

- each player gets 16 ender beads
- it is thrown in turns
- the player who throws is allowed to go to the center line
- own goals are also counted
- the winner is the player with more or ten goals

In one box are the Ender Pearls, in the other food to regenerate during the game (because you take damage when teleporting). The reset button resets the counter in the basement.

The game's on, so step up to the line and throw.

If you hit a goal, you will be teleported to the opponent's goal. The redstone lamps at the edge of the field count the hits. The goalkeeper can stop the throw if he is fast enough.

When a player has scored ten goals, there's a little fireworks display.

- -
In the basement is a bunch of redstone lines and logic gates (the system must count to ten per player). But the game can be realized without Redstone.


have fun with Enderball and see you next idea.
vg slomo


  1. As a goalkeeper, you can see which corner you're aiming for, so you won't always hit the target. We play Enderball more often online and have real fun with it. At first we only threw from our own penalty area, but then the goalkeeper holds almost too much 🙂 and it should fall yes goals.

    You can make your gates smaller...

  2. @thebigsmileXD:

    What is there for better versions? I find the idea cool, only slomo could still explain the Redstone a bit better.

    Like from me. 
                            The Dirty Duck

  3. That's a very cool idea. In which version of Minecraft did you design this? And was that in the Java Edition or and the Bedrock? Because I would know how to build it in a much more compact and elegant way. Would it be okay if I made a tutorial for it as well? I am new and want to ask if it is possible to insert videos? If not I can try it without.