Medieval market place

Complexity: simple
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Medieval market place

Here we show an idea for a medieval marketplace with many details.

The focal point of the marketplace is a fountain.

In front of the town hall is a lectern. In the background one sees a pillory after the Idea From InteriorETC.

- - -
In the marketplace there are many farmers' stalls where you can buy meat, fruit and vegetables.

- -
In the houses around the market place there are other shops. For example, a blacksmith, a baker, a dyer's shop, etc. (We are still uploading some as individual ideas).


  1. Beautiful implementation, coherent in itself, combines well, and the best medieval marketplace on this site.
    Clearly positive.
    I think I need to start playing Minecraft again too....

    (P.S. Thanks for the mention, but I showed the pillory differently ;))