Modern summit property

Complexity: simple
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Modern summit property

Two-storey modern villa, small, no interior decoration

I tried to revisit something I built some time ago (a modern looking house through multiple squares) using a rock base as a foundation. As a contrast to the white concrete I used the black oak wood and to give it depth I used the light grey struts. I also added some plants inside to emphasize the modern style a bit more. And last but not least the dark blue glass to give the whole thing something homely.



  • Draw frame of white concrete (each room should get its own cuboid)
  • Fill the floor with half blocks (do not forget spaces for possible doors)
  • insert coloured glass panes
  • Draw lines of grey concrete from one side across the building to another
  • Place plants in the interior with the help of hidden water sources, under the bottom parts of the white concrete blocks.