Modern viewing platform

Complexity: simple
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Modern viewing platform

A viewing platform to overlook the landscape.

The viewing platform is mostly made of quartz blocks and light blue glass.


Here again from the inside:


  1. The dome looks good (although personally I would have liked the ceiling to curve upwards a bit more) but I think it would look much better on a hilltop and without the odd rest of the building.

    So there is only one neutral

  2. In itself, the dome is super only the large quartz block, which is probably a lift to represent or something, is a bit unnecessary. With the other placement I agree with Raccoon. But you could also put it in the jungle on/in a tree.

  3. I'd use it best in rugged worlds, over a deep chasm. There were already enough comments about the tower, it just makes the most sense at the edge of a high mountain or something.