Modern tower with gardens

Complexity: simple
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Modern tower with gardens

A tower in a modern style with lots of plants.

The tower is not square but gets a new shape on each floor.
With a small waterfall and lots of greenery on the different floors, the tower looks very modern. There are many possibilities to look out.
The whole thing was built by Hall0effect.


  1. The street system is one of a server
    The whole thing was built by Hall0effect
    Great I thought you have your own ideas that you invent yourself!
    I can also download a map and say:
    I have built

  2. So, if you mean by the road system that which towers over the entire visible map, this is a server plugin (Plotworld). The roads are in the world generator then with in it and distributed throughout the world. @R3dstone-Fr3EAK: It was said in the description, that it was built by Hall0effect... 🙂