Waste incineration plant

Complexity: simple
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Waste incineration plant

With this incinerator you can dispose of your items in a slightly different way.

Very simple: you throw your items into a funnel (or into a shaft / water flow that ends at a funnel) presses the button, and the items are already verbruzelt. The button is best placed next to the funnel. This kind of item destruction takes longer, is more expensive but it looks a lot better than the normal lava bin.


Most of this can already be seen in the screenshot, just a few more details here: The row of funnels ends in droppers which then throw the items into the fire, to the right opposite the droppers you can see dispensers which contain lighters that light the Nether Rock. Above this is a flask that stops water from leaking out. It is important that the signal to the piston must be inverted. also the timing of the various signals is to be observed, but these can be taken from the picture.

It is best to install the system in a room, for example a cellar. You can also throw the items down a small shaft, which then ends in a funnel (which leads to one of the droppers) and thus place the "disposal point" one floor above (the button must accordingly also be one floor further up, in the same room as the shaft / the watercourse, etc.). This room could optionally be equipped with a glass floor, so that you can observe the action below you.


  1. Well, you could build 3 rows of funnels, one of which always leads to a dropper. Then you would have to distribute the items to the three (or more) droppers.

  2. [quote= MineCrab]It's easier with lava!

    [quote=Patpat]But not that spectacular :p[/quote]

    I think so... Especially because the Lavamülli much is cheaper and faster than the!

    Design: 0/5
    Benefit: 1/5
    Material: 0/5
    = 1/15 points
    = Note 6 + Dislike

    My suggestions for improvement

    1. Design
    2. Design (in terms of material)
  3. I have built something like this in a very simple version in the village: "garbage box", underneath a funnel that leads into a dispenser. In front of the dispenser a lava basin of 1x1x1 size. Since I have a clock in the building next door anyway, the dispenser runs with this clock. Works 1a, hardly costs raw materials and is still cooler to pack the scrap in a "trash can" 😉

  4. I find the idea with the Netherrack as a fire source cool, only the rest of the implementation is not so the hit and much too big. I also wanted to have something nice and have simply a box attached to funnels that lead to droppern from which the garbage is thrown into the lava (in the glass basin). The treasure chest stands thereby directly before the lavabecken (2×2). The lava I will now but probably exchange against Netherrack and lighter because it really looks better 😉

  5. Hey,
    You do know that it is more difficult to build an object destroyer?

    ( Instruction fintbar im bau book: Miniprojeckte minecraft)

    Signed: Manfred 2.0