Children's room

Complexity: simple
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Children's room

A children's room should not be missing in any family home. The picture shows only one of very many design possibilities

The upper picture shows a children's room for 2 girls. Important, so that one recognizes a room as a nursery are vorallem:
- A colorful wallpaper / wall
- Carpet or laminate flooring
- Cot / Bunk bed

In my case, I constructed a bunk bed (functional, of course):
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But children also have clothes and toys that need to be stowed away. A toy chest is a natural choice.

And then for detail you can add toys (here block items as building blocks and tracks as a toy train) and a smaller rug/table/curtain.
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  1. Thank you all so much.
    I think details are very important in Minecraft because it makes it feel more real and therefore more fun. I try to continue to pay attention to this.

  2. xD But of course.
    My thought process was rather: I need a picture that is 2 blocks long and on which preferably no naked people are depicted. And since of course every kid likes Minecraft I took this one.