Complexity: simple
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An organ as it can be found in a church.

Here I present an organ that belongs in every proper Minecraft church. It should be noted that I am inspired by the Minecraft Youtuber MagmaMusen ...inspired.


Here is a video of the above MagmaMusenwho built the organ in a different form:


  1. Although it's a pity that the original idea is not yours, but since I like the thing so much, there's a big LIKE!!!

    P.S.: For a simpler version, marble columns side by side as organ pipes also work well.

  2. Great, what I still do on my pianos/organs is to cover a row of the blocks that border the rail with note blocks, as well as replace the rails with detector rails. Well, the result is that you can really play with a Minecart on it 😀

  3. I think it's good that you mentioned MagmaMusen! A lot of people here pass off ideas as their own when they're not. At least you admit it openly 😉 but since the idea is really good and has not been presented in any way on this site, I give it a Like! Thanks for this post