Portal prison

Complexity: simple
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Portal prison

A prison with portals as walls.

The prisoner is brought into the room and when he is in this room then you close the portal with a lighter. If he wants to escape, he has to go through one of the portals, which will take him to the "other" world, where the other portal is. To guarantee that the prisoner does not escape you have to build the portal, CAUTION the portal must not be damaged just build 5 blocks high and 2 wide to be safe. This wall must be built around the whole portal and 2 blocks away from the portal.

This is the room in the Nether World. It must be built from two sides.

- On the outside.


Simply build 4 portals to a quadrangle and in the Nehterwelt the portal with stones to build. !!! The portal must still function !!!

Write me in the comments what you think of my idea. :) :)


  1. The problem is that in survival mode you can just walk through the portal and in creative mode you can just break the portal and rebuild it.

  2. But for the server it would be practical, because the admin can take away the right of the prisoner to "work" in the creative mode and that with the survival mode one can also quite simply, as on the picture to see is the building in the air floats, and the if the player is in the survival mode dies he with the Sturtz and zusätätlich one can still fence in the area.

  3. The design in the overworld works, but I don't understand the utility of this "prison".
    If you kill yourself, you spawn wonders again, or if you have the right items with you, you're gone really fast!
    P /
    Not so good.

  4. Thebigsmile quite simply
    the Admin takes you the rights udn then wirste there reigesetzt can nothing dismantle and are thus dadrinne trapped.....

    the idea is good but there are better =)