Ship Canal

Complexity: simple
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Ship Canal

Ship channel for a fast connection between two points.

Simply at the level of the sea level connections between seas or places. 5 blocks wide water surface lined with smooth sandstone.


  1. As long as your channel/path/etc. is different enough from the others you can send it in.
    For example, you can also post another channel design image well here in the comments. To do this, simply load the image here high.
    And that doesn't give a new category. "Redstone", "Deco", "Houses" and "Channels" or what? 😀

  2. I had built the same 2 years ago in the game "iLands". There you have 10 blocks to build. Earth, wooden board, wooden log, wooden board step, stone, cobble, glass, light block, grass block and foliage block. And the water was on one level, plus the map was like 128×128 blocks. But still ok