Simple sugar cane farm

Complexity: simple
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Simple sugar cane farm

A simple sugar cane farm that can be expanded at will. It works with the observer blocks.



  • List for an Module
    • 1 Redstone
    • 1 water bucket
    • 1 sand, grass, earth or red sand block
    • 1 Sugar cane
    • at least 1 funnel
    • at least 1 chest
    • 1 normal piston
    • Blocks
  • List for the plant shown
    • 8 Redstone
    • 2 water buckets
      • Creates an infinite water source and uses it to fill the rest of the holes; more on that later.
    • 8 blocks of sand, grass, earth or red sand
    • 8 Sugar cane
    • 16 funnels
    • 2 chests
    • 8 normal pistons
    • Blocks


  1. Place the blocks, the water, the fertile block and the sugar cane on it.
  2. Places the piston and the observer.
  3. "Wire" the piston with a block and some redstone.
  4. Places the rest of the materials as shown.

Optional functions

  • You can now extend this module as much as you like; the following is important:
    • Use two water buckets, create infinite water sources and fill up all holes
    • You can keep the Redstone line going forever, since Observer gives out a starting strength of 15
    • Once a cane reaches the observer, all cobs are activated, resulting in faster yields
    • It doesn't matter how you place the funnels, the main thing is that they lead to the box in the middle at some point

Closing words

I hope you guys like this build idea! If so, rate it well or show me with a comment or a sister building idea. DeBedenBunnies