Small factory hall

Complexity: simple
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Small factory hall

A factory building made of bricks and glass from the industrial age.

Since glass and bricks are to be procured in survival mode with great time expenditure, I have chosen "medium". Here everyone can build in his style, for example, birch wood also looks great. Through the glass roof comes in a lot of exposure, which I find very nice.


The view is from the inside, but I think you can see it well. :)


  1. Looks good, first gives a like from me. have me also already considered a factory building in my village to build. Just vll something bigger - if there would not be the space problem.

  2. So for the industrial revolution there is a bit too much glass. At the time, cities were populated with such exhaust chimneys. There was no "villa" as a warehouse. Probably it would fit more to build a cobble house with stored cog blocks 😉 Nevertheless, it looks quite good - even if it is not a real warehouse.

  3. so people... I am now in the 10th grade and have to deal especially with applications, also exam preparation. If I ever find time, I will look in here briefly. In the next half year I will probably upload nothing more. Thanks a lot for all the positive comments and ratings. I'll check back soon, but for now it's write, learn, read. Greeting - JonnyXD