Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Stop"/>


A decorative idea that is also useful at the same time.

The construction is actually quite simple. Well suited for beginners.
The rail part in the middle causes you to get off automatically. Good for end stations. You can also change the color. With me it was so, because I have the house there...


  1. Yes but it did not go better with the redstone... The colorful is a matter of can change it yes... The Lore continues to drive and you must either wait for the next OR you do not build it the rail part!

  2. The thing with the Redstone, that's such a thing...
    If you install the activation rail, then you will be automatically kicked out at the stop. This is good, because if there are villagers or animals in the trolleys, they will also be kicked out.
    The disadvantage is that you always have to wait for the next lore and that can be a pain.

  3. @PETE you probably mean the block lower, which comes after the wool row, right? I did that because at real stations it is also always so that you have a small gap....