Temple Run

Complexity: simple
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Temple Run

A jump and run in the style of the app Temple Run. So vines, ruins and time pressure!
Because of the NPC world in MC, instead of monster chasing, a path breaking away motivates.
More ideas for elements are in the description.

If you build something like this on server, invite me sometime 😉 .


In the picture you can see the basic principle: A path equipped with sticky pistons from both sides, which is pulled away piece by piece by repeaters. Underneath can be for example water or a path that only leads to the exit of the game.
This is relatively easy to rebuild, except that the adjustment of the repeaters is a little difficult. Now your creativity comes into play: bring in variety. Obstacle blocks to jump over/around or chasms etc. Here are just a few ideas:
? Blocks moving back and forth
(behind this is a medium-fast pulse generator circuit)
? Water, which however drives you towards lava (The water is controlled by signs)
? A traditional ladder wall
? Mobs (Think of something ;])
? A trolley ride (possibly with switches that you should rather flip fast
? Falling sand blocks (Above the ceiling, held with pistons and released)
? Puzzles with switch combinations to open "saving" door(AND, NAND, OR, NOR switch customers)
? Some ruins to jump and run
? A highscore (print plates that drop items in chests (modified - > Matchday counter ))
? ...all of course in TempleRun Style

Have fun and happy work!