TNT tree

Complexity: mid
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TNT tree

The hidden TNT under the tree explodes when someone wants to dismantle the tree. For example to kill/troll enemies.


1. pick a regular little tree, like this one:
Then make a two-block deep hole under the log, which is five blocks long and wide. Then place a redstone under the trunk.
3. surround the redstone with any four blocks, under the trunk there is a lever, which you have to turn on, so that the redstone lights up.
4. redstone flares are attached to the wool blocks, which are deactivated by the dust.
Now you can place the TNT. Be careful not to place it directly next to the redstone, otherwise it will ignite! -
6. after that, of course, you need to cover everything with soil again.
7. if a friend/opponent now wants to cut down the tree, he will experience his blue miracle. :D By the way, it's most fun in survival mode! :D

Copyright: Minecraft - The Fighter's Handbook - Combat 101 | Schneiderbuch Verlag | Page 64; Tree Bomb Trap


  1. @Reaper911211: The trunk does not have to drop down. On the bottom of the trunk is an activated lever and if you take down the block this gives no more redstone signal.

  2. @Reaper911211 - No, it's not the dismantled trunk, but the lever. This activates the redstone. This in turn deactivates the redstone flares. So if the downed lever no longer activates the redstone, it no longer deactivates the flares. So it is ignited.

    By the way: Really good idea; I built it into my adventure world and put a shield on it: Just an ordinary tree.

    Design 5/5 (because you see nothing ;D)
    Benefit 4/5
    Structure 5/5
    = 14/15 P
    = Definitely grade 1