Underground cathedral

Complexity: simple
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Underground cathedral

No more desire to decorate your cathedral outside? If so, do it like me.


In the first two pictures you can see the entrance and the vestibule,
- -
on picture 3 you can see the first floor for sitting and the second one where the organ is.
- -
Picture 4 shows the altar area
Figure 5 shows the construction that holds the vaulted ceiling in place. 
and finally a picture from outside in gamemode 3

Hope you guys like it. :)
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  1. Incredibly cool... I always want to build something like that myself but I always lack the motivation because I know how long something like that can last 🙂

    But still... RESPECT... you must have put a lot of time into it 😀

    Thumbs up ^^

  2. Yoo-hoo 😀

    Very nice cathedral ^^ Really first class!!!!

    I'm just wondering why you always write "instructions" when there are no instructions at all.
    Or are the pictures supposed to be the instructions? By that I actually understand "You need this and that and put it together this way and that way."
    Well, sophistry.


  3. Oh man there has but jmd. something mixed up. The text belongs to the underground cathedral of Tet1996. The images are from the replica of the cathedral (which was not built underground and was uploaded as an alternative) of Interesting_Into... :/