Prolonged redstone signal

Complexity: simple
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Prolonged redstone signal

With this small construction you can extend the output signal of a button.

The structure shown allows the output signal to be extended when a button is pressed, e.g. a door can be left open longer by pressing a button.


The repeaters must all point in the same direction to extend the output signal.
On the picture above is the simple version, this can be extended as you like.

In the picture you can see the direction of the repeaters. Each repeater is set to the last stage to extend the signal.


  1. generally this is suitable to extend signals and adds a kind of "fuse" or timer possibility.
    e.g. you enter a room and the switch is activated, you are locked in the room and have to solve a puzzle to get out, or the signal goes out and you can't get out of the room.
    You have a button that opens a secret passage but the secret passage is not open long enough for you.
    Same for a bridge extending for time.

  2. No, this one outputs a signal over a longer time and the one you linked doesn't output a signal over a longer time. Of course you could reverse the signal, but this one is built differently and is more practical for this purpose.

  3. It has helped me exactly for the presented problem: I.e. I wanted to open a double door via a button and had no desire immediately after the click on the button to get the door slammed again in front of the nose. In this respect, the door now remains open long enough that I can comfortably go through.

    I suppose there are alternatives that might be "better" - but this one was pleasantly easy to recreate.

    Possible alternatives: