Hidden box

Complexity: simple
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Hidden box

Use a little trick to make a box disappear behind a wall.

Make a box disappear behind a wall with a little trick. With only 2 correctly placed stairs.
This is how the stairs have to be placed. The staircase, which here is made of a different material, is the block where you can then access the box from the other side. Works with any kind of stairs.


You have to place the stairs like on the picture and then from the side where you want to access the box just right click on the bottom right corner. (Works also with all other directions, you just have to place the stairs accordingly).


  1. I'll add a little more to the instructions: Both stairs are upside down and one goes around the corner. The chest goes on the single block of wood that's there in the little picture. And when you open the chest through the wall, you have to be a little careful to get the angle right.

  2. i don't like it when you post all your ideas (usually about 10) at once. rather make the queue a bit bigger, that's more pleasant and also leads to better ratings.

  3. @zokles Because I'm getting tired of having to do big projects all by myself would save me a lot of time luckily I'm in one with up to 3 members ^^