Weather station

Complexity: simple
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Weather station

A rather simple weather station/warden made mainly of quartz, iron and black glass.

The material combination looks very good with the standard resource pack, even if the iron is quite expensive. Since this weather station is rather small - in reality weather stations are also rarely larger in scale - but that should not be too difficult to procure after some playtime, "only" about a stack of iron blocks is needed - That's why I think this idea but still suitable for survival mode. The design of the antennas can be quite inventive, you just shouldn't overdo it. The black glass gives the whole thing even better optics, also a high position is quite advantageous.


  1. Oh my, I had to look at the picture for a while to find that lava bucket. That must be a really weird fucking coincidence, since I've spent maybe 1-2 hours on servers in my entire Minecraft playtime (2 years) and Bukkit pretty much passes me by the butt :). And I obviously didn't notice or misunderstood thebigsmileXD's comment at the time.